What the Fluffy Puppy

Let me take you back to Thursday morning ... I wake up to a MSN message from Sal saying "check your email".
OK it's 8:15am, the three kids and I have just "rolled" out of bed. So I check my email, and call Sal. He nicely asks me, can you go get the puppy today?

TODAY? On the serious TODAY! The original plan was to get him on Friday, Sal had Friday off, we were all going to drive there get him and come back. It is a 6hr trip one way. Now my LOVELY husband was asking me to load all 3 kids up in the car, drive the 6hr drive get the pup and turn around and drive back ALL IN ONE DAY, ALONE!!

I am a MAJOR planner, I have already started thinking about Ian Matthew's 1st brithday party and it's not until AUGUST 28TH! So he totally was throwing me a curve ball, and I wasn't sure how to catch it. So I packed a lunch, some snacks, diapers, change of clothes for the boys, and loaded everyone up in the car.

The drive up there wasn't bad at all, the kids took their 3 hour nap, I stopped once for Isabella to go potty and to feed Ian Matthew. Made it there in 5hours :) Got the WORLD'S CUTEST PUPPY and that is when Chaos set in. I cried a few times on the way back. I was tired the kids were tired Ian Matthew prefers to eat most of his meals from 6pm - 1am. So he just wanted me to hold him and nurse,which is IMPOSSIBLE to do while driving. He cried a large portion of the drive home. :( and I don't let him cry at home, I spend most of the day holding him. I know its insane but ... that's what I am here for to cater to his every need.

!! We finally made it home after about 7 stops when I only stopped 2 times on the way up. Many tears and a few "accidents". We are LOVING the new addition to our family, he is the cutest little puppy, he weighs about 5lbs. :) The kids LOVE him, and Sal and I are equally in love as well, he is a SWEET little guy. We named him Boomer, he is a golden retriever.

So far so good!!! We will keep you posted!!

~Sal & Jess

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2 Responses
  1. Prairiemom Says:

    you drove 12 hours round trip with 3 tiny kids all by yourself for a puppy? You are insane.
    He is super cute tho, love the name boomer.

  2. Jess Says:

    @Prairiemom - YES!! It was crazy :), but there were circumstances that made that the only option. :) Glad it is behind me now though ;) the kids have taken to calling him boomerang :)

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