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We are Sal and Jessica. We currently have three children under the age of four. On top of all the chaos, we are getting a puppy, Jess is working on her Doula certification, I am starting my track to Vet school, and, oh yea, we have decided to go mostly RAW with the addition of whole foods.

How's that for a mid 20's something family? This blog will be our sounding board for new things that we try, whether it is food, training techniques (for the puppy, not the children.) or even ranting about the daily going-ons. That's why it is called Everyday Thoughts From Life - duh!

Grab a seat and let us be your host into the often comedic (Jess is the funny one), somewhat depressing (Jess here, I don't feel we are depressing) and more often than not aging-quicker-than-one-would-like (Jess again, AGING? Goodness, if anyone here is aging it's SURELY Sal.), blog, that we call life.

~Sal & Jess

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