30 Day Challenge
Here is the challenge : Blog Everyday for 30 days! This is just a challenge from me to well me :)

I am not promising that anything will be worth reading but it is my challenge and I am going to stick to it. Sal and I have a problem with sticking to it ;) . So maybe this will help me, and if I conquer stick to it ness than maybe Sal will just follow suit seeing how stick to it I am ;)

What in the WORLD has been going on around here. Well, LOTS! We have been de-cluttering, getting settled, cleaning and well, just doing life.

Sal and I have three children and now a puppy. We have recently discovered how EASY it is to forget each other, and my goodness how we have forgotten each other in the past couple of years. I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding for approximately 4 years now. I am still breastfeeding Ian Matthew and plan to for a while longer but I am starting to feel like myself again.

In the midst of all these babies and what not Sal and I haven't made much time for each other or even taking each others needs and wants into consideration. It is hard work to be a married couple :) . Don't get me wrong here, we still very much love each other just trying to find the time to show it :)

So any ideas? We are going to try once a week to eat dinner after we put the kids to bed, and we are going to try "bed-sharing" as opposed to "co-sleeping". I will have to take a photo of our new situation!

Leave a comment, let me know your ideas for a cheap date that doesn't include getting a babysitter!!
~Sal & Jess

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2 Responses
  1. Sal Says:

    Or, leave a comment if you would like the opportunity to BE the baby sitter... ;) Just kidding - sorta.

  2. Tanktop DSP Says:

    Hope this 30 day challenge goes well, I'll try and take some part, I'm just glad that I can get a post out in at the very least once every ten days or so, which is a big plus compared to the last time I blogged regularly.

    Also Devin says we have you covered for Tuesday, and I say just be glad it's not me and it's her... Lol

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