Today is Tuesday

Today is TUESDAY!
Not the first day of the week, not quite hump-day ... but the day in-between.

What a Tuesday it has been. First thing this morning my cell phone is BLOWING UP! (with calls not actually blowing up) My friend called, my mom called like 3 times, and Sal called like 3 times, FINALLY I got up to answer it and Sal is all "OMGOSH ARE YOU OK" ... what? Of course I'm ok, except for the fact that you just woke up a house full of sleeping babies and ME!

PUNK!!! What I failed to mention is it was 9:45am .... lol My mom said "why are you sleeping at 9:45am ... " my response was " I am a stay at home mom, that's one of the perks of the job ;) "

OK! So today was a busy day! I did the usual stuff around the house but I also cleaned out the master bedroom closet, a FEAT I must say! It was a mess, one of the areas that was HUGELY neglected in the move, I have been stepping on stuff in there since we moved in!

Tomorrow holds : Coffee and Chat with my Natural Mommy friends, Taking Dinner to a Babymooning Mama , and a Chiropractic appt in the evening :) as well as a wordless Wednesday post :)

~Sal & Jess

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  1. Sal Says:

    Oh....I can't wait...for the chicken noodle soup, hearing about the coffee and chat, the Chiro appt (really excited about this one) and finally to see what you plan on doing for the wordless Wednesday post.

    Also, stop telling me to wake up. I am not sleeping, just checking my eyelids for light leaks...duh.

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