Do you think I am a Circus Freak?
WHEW! What a day it has been today! Got up at 8:11am, got dressed, got Isaia dressed, woke up Ian Matthew got him dressed, fed the boys, took the dog out, then dressed Isabella in her sleep (she can't be bothered with trivial things like getting dressed). Then we were OFF, to our playdate!
We had such a great time, I always do with the natural moms group! Living a natural lifestyle (breastfeeding, cloth diapering, organic, and whole food eathing, sewing, attachment pareting) is not something you can do without support! These ladies are AMAZING! So helpful with questions and so encouraging! Hanging out with them always builds me back up and fills me :)

On our way home I had to stop at publix to get the rest of the supplies needed for my babymooning mamas chicken noodle soup. That was nothing short of a disaster! Going anywhere alone with 3 kids at the ages we have is DIFFICULT! So I park in the "new & expecting moms only " parking spot because GOSH DARNIT I am a new mom Ian Matthew is 7 months old ... (when do you feel it is no longer appropriate to park there?) Go in and of course as we are walking in people are STARING AT ME! I said to a friend on the phone, "you know what I am SICK of people staring at me like I am a DARN CIRCUS FREAK! I am a young mom of 3. And that does NOT give you permission to ask any questions about my "sex life" (was that on purpose) and (are you going to have more)." GRR Nothing is more irritating. Thankfully the kdis behaved ;)

Then home for lunch and a nap :) Speaking of lunch, anyone have any GREAT ideas for healthy whole food lunches ???

~Sal & Jess

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4 Responses
  1. Sal Says:

    22 bananas...and if all else fails, how about an oreo fluff cookie? No? Well, I am out of suggestions.

    OK Mrs. English major...umm, I'm not going to tell you where, but there are a few typos (only I can make typos because I don't claim to know propper English). i won't tell you where, but I found 3 ;)

    I love you bean and I can't wait to hear more about the discussions when I get home :)

  2. Jess Says:

    *kids at the bottom *parenting at the end of the second para and I can't find the third. LOL Im tired and a typo isn't about bad English it is ... A TYPO! Get a JOB!!!

    I have to work in the morning "goodnight"

  3. Tanktop DSP Says:

    I thought this post was to be called wordless Wed? Lol... Don't worry I would only look at you and your kdis as circus people only if you can teach Ian and Isiah how to juggle.

  4. Sal Says:

    @Tanktop DSP - You should ask Bella to show you how she is quite amusing.

    So you say no circus freak until the boys learn how to juggle...Ian Matthew still has some time, but I guess I should start working with Isaia. Can't let "those people" in the crowd down. Don't want to dissapoint them with their judgements and all, you know!?!

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