It's the weekend
I LOVE the weekends, I am a "single" parent Monday - Friday from wake up until Dinner time. So I welcome the help on the weekends.

Today has been a BEAUTIFUL day. I got the kids up, had breakfast and then we walked the complex, then they ran around with the dog in the field out behind our place! It was so energizing to see them playing and hear them laughing and having such a good time. There is nothing more energizing to me than children laughing and playing, I LOVE the sound!! It is such a wonderful thing. It helps put child like faith into perspective a little more. Children love without abandon and have faith that they can indeed move mountains, when do we loose that? I think as parents we should try to foster and encourage them with that. Because if we as adults had child like faith, MAN the world would surely be a better place.

This weekend we have big stuff going on here. My mom is moving in with us. :) So I am hurriedly organizing and de-cluttering to make room for her stuff.
In other news, I have finally talked Salvador into getting me a MacBook :) INCREDIBLY excited about that. So that is in the works as well. I think after my 30day challenge I will have Sal help me with a blog of my own.
I think next week I am going to add to my challenge by using a photo each day :) I have used a few these past couple posts, but I will try!

I leave you all with this : Try this weekend to look at the world through the eye's of a child, and love each other with no expectations! See you all tomorrow! WITH A PHOTO!!!


~Sal & Jess

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3 Responses
  1. Tanktop DSP Says:

    Woot, a macbook really!? I want one, and so does Devin. Not sure if we'll be able to get one as soon as you... You more than likely made Devin very envious of you.

    I hope that Sal is able to get you a blog of your own and hope to see many posts from you in the future. Should have Devin somewhat blog on her crafting, or something like that... Hrmmm

  2. Jacquelyn Says:

    Good post today!! As you know I am blogging with wordpress - way hard..
    but I will be switching to blogger soon. I set up my blog last night (even though it wont be going live until the designer has finished) but it was super easy. You can even take all of your posts from here and move them there or not. I don't think you should wait 'til your challenge ends. (but of course I am being impatient!)

    YAY for a Macbook!! I have a Mac (desktop) and I love it. I wish I could have a Macbook too. (Or a laptop period!)

  3. Alfredo Says:

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