Flowertown Festival

What a blast it was, it is always a good time. I always get some good ideas there for crafts and things of that sort!

A friend of mine recently started a sling making business :) and she helped me convince Sal that a Ring Sling is essential to my baby wearing wardrobe :)
I also found some super cute shopping cart covers, I had them with the other two, but those are long gone and I am going to try my hand at making one tonight!

Here is the kicker though, this lady dressed like a FOOL was walking up to people that had their children in strollers or carrying them, whatever it was and saying, "you are too big for that you should be walking".
PHHHH She needs to shut her mouth. When she said that about Isabella (who was riding in our SUPER COOL Choo Choo wagon) I said "Excuse me" and she looked at me and continued to keep walking. She MUST have felt the WRATH of JESSICA! Because I was SURELY going to let her have a piece of my mind. CRAZY WOMAN, SHE is the reason my child wasn't walking, crazy people that want to steal children in a CROWDED busy place like that!


~Sal & Jess

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  1. Sal Says:

    BAH! CLAP! SQUIRT! is right. I was about to drop kick her in the knee. People sometimes...I wish the gene pool would get a good dose of chlorine and sanitize itself every once in a while. Just sayin'

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